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Dress Making

Trade Name : Dress Making
Course Duration : 1 Year
Minimum Qualification : 8th Pass.
Apprenticeship Training : 3 year including 1 year basic training

Skills Acquired

  • Prepare moulding sand for aluminum.
  • Fettle & aluminium casting.
  • Open sand mould and bedded mould in floor.
  • Prepare mould by using various gating systems.
  • Operate & maintain oil fired furnace.
  • Repair the broken wooden patterns and core boxes
  • Carry out the different tests on moulding sand.
  • Assemble cover core and balanced core in mould
  • Prepare mould for all non-ferrous and cast iron casting.
  • Maintain and operate pit furnace; oil fired tilting furnace and cupola furnace
  • Inspect the casting and detect the defects in casting and suggest remedies.
  • Prepare mould for non ferrous metals and cast iron castings.
  • Prepare core sand by using various binders.
  • Prepare moulds and cores as per the patterns and core boxes supplied and cast with in the dimensional accuracy of 1- 1.5 mm.
  • Melt and pour non ferrous metals and cast iron.
  • Clean and fettle non ferrous and cast iron casting.
  • Detect the defects in casting and suggest the remedies.
  • Understand the concept of basic metallurgy.